Customer Delight

We delight our customers by exceeding their expectations. We provide care, support, and education. Our focus is to include the patient and significant others in the planning of their care. We believe home care is a specialized field and our focus is to assist the patient in obtaining their optimal level of comfort, ability to function and health in their preferred environment.

Teamwork= “T”ogether, “E”veryone, “A”chieves, “M”ore!
It is the belief of Caregivers that people are our most valuable asset. We vow to treat all employees with both dignity and respect in an effort to develop a relationship based upon mutual trust and understanding. We believe that to provide a cohesive group in a work environment, it is necessary to ensure open and honest communication, fair and consistent policies and practices and reward individuals for their loyalty and dedication to the health care field. Teams make things happen when everybody’s voice is heard.

Mutual Respect
We shall respect each individual’s rights and assure equality regardless of race, creed, sex, age, national origin, or physical handicap. Our commitment is to care for people with the utmost respect for patient rights. Each of us deserves to be treated with dignity.

We at Caregivers are dedicated to providing a service of distinction to assure our client’s peace of mind. We vow that our employees possess superior standards. We shall ensure high quality and professionalism in any service rendered to our clientele. It is our belief that our commitment to quality assures satisfaction for all.

Continuous Improvement

Each day, we seek to get a little better since small improvements, added together, bring us closer to our goals.

Sense of Urgency
We move quickly to accomplish our goals, meet our commitments, and satisfy our customers.

Trust and Integrity

We trust one another to accomplish what we say we will accomplish. We will conduct ourselves with our patients, their families, all business clientele and colleagues with integrity always.